tattoo! She had a big star on her back with the word, "porno" across the middle. So turned off, I told her I was married....

tattoo: one guy I dated had a massive tattoo on his chest of Christ on the cross.

Really into this guy, good looking, takes shirt off and.... hate tattoos. Swastikas and the whole bit! Left in a hurry lol

Dating this hot Australian, him and his brother got matching Mario and Luigi tattoos on their behinds. After I saw that I was done

I was getting to know a guy, he took off his shirt and had a large star trek symbol on his back. Did not expect that, big buff dork!!

Was dating a guy and after a few weeks saw a tattoo on his leg of Osama Bin Ladin. I ignored him after that.

the person I was dating had a portrait of his mom on his chest. Let's just say we never did anything and I never say him again... awkward

when my boyfriend took off his shirt for the first time in front of me, I saw his three, yes THREE, Linkin Park tattoos. I still tease him about them

I was getting intimate with my gf for the first time. The shirt came off and on her ribs she had a big piece of Human Fecies with a cape

 My ex had a tattoo of a penis in a martini glass on his hip!...hence why he's my ex

Totally into this man, until I saw his white pride tattoos. I knew I was done, I have a black daughter