A doctor at my old work is on trial for murdering his wife. We weren't allowed to talk about it for almost 2 years when it was all happening.


I was in the military during desert storm. I had "eyes only" clearance and was in charge of all tip secret document coming in and out of the base.


My school told me not to talk about a sexual harassment case going on with the director of admissions. 


my ex is an ob/gyn with a major porn addiction. I've been told not to talk about it because it could damage his career


my mom co signed on the lease for my apartment and asked me not to tell my step dad. It's a little uncomfortable.


I'm not allowed to ever say anything about my mom being an alcoholic. She freaks out when I mention it.


Played college soccer we were instructed not to discuss our scholarships


 I was told not to tell anyone the Dr I work for did surgery on Tiger Woods in Park City.


My cousin RIP was a pilot for the medellin cartel in Colombia no one talked about it

my husband was a civilian contractor for the military in Iraq 2005-2011 with high security clearance . Let me just say our government hides a lot