my dad was excommunicated for sexual things. He was considered "high profile" he worked his butt off and got rebaptized!!


My aunt was a member of the LDS church. And got bad into drugs and got preggers when she was a teenager. She got excommunicated. Later on she fixed it


I was exed for doing the dirty before marriage. But you have to!! test drives are a must!!


 I got ex'ec for sleeping around when I was single. Then got rebaptized a year later. But I started having sex again. I didnt want to go to church


my friends ex husb. Got her x-com from LDS. He portrayd her as a drunk slut! She still goes to church lol


my mom , from lds church, cause she's had me and my bro out of wedlock. "LAME!!


crazy lady was excommunicated for threatening our bishop, came in yelling during our opening.



Brother was excommunicated. He told me it was the only thing that could have woken him up on the stupid crap he was doing. He was re-baptized


 my friend's wife was excommunicated for cheating on him with another member, later she remarried and is now active again



 I was exed in 2007 for having numerous affairs. I went through a lot of counseling and did a complete lifestyle change. My wife stayed with me



I got pregnant at the age of 16 out of wedlock and I was kicked out of the church. No I never went back I am now 24 years old and I have an awesome 6 yr old



Ex'd for having sex, sex, sex and not being married. Went back 7 yrs later but not active now. Love y'all!


 my mother was excommunicated she cheated on my father when he was alive and alcohol problems. But came back 


my dad said he was ex communicated because he had long hair. I still don't really know why.



My ex got excommunicated for leaving when I was 4 months pregnant and never came into his life. We was re-baptized and is married in the temple.


 I was excommunicated for living with my boyfriend "in sin". The bishop told me to get married or move out I didn't do either at the time.


My best friend was ex communicated because when he got home from his mission he told his bishop that he is gay.