all Easter egg hunts. I'm convinced this is where children are trained for black Friday shopping.

in sacrament meeting guy saving benches for family for a baby blessing. Fists thrown then he tried to run over the guy in the parking lot. Classy!

my wife and I saw a fist fight outside at California Adventure on our honeymoon! So many kids around, it was crazy!

My brother was eight years old he started playing baseball and a coach on the opposing team was making fun of my brother because he had a bad throw- fight

my daughters end of year dance recital a lot of parents were saving rows of seating for family before hand.

We were at my little brother's little league football game and my dad got in a fight with the coach

I worked at Build a Bear, and two guys got in a fist fight over a child.

my 7 yr olds soccer game. Parent's are nuts!

Last year at my nephews 5th birthday party. My husband and Uncle went all out fighting. Drunk! Drunk fighting. Then we left

a dad took out his teeth and tried to use his watch as brass knuckles on my dad at my brothers basketball game

we were at a girls 2nd grade Catholic basketball game and a fight broke out between parents that had to be taken to the parking lot
In line to see Santa. Two dads went at it over their place in line. It was awesome!

I was playing softball. Looked over at the stands my mom had a lady by her pony tail and my dad was brawling with the boyfriend.

when I was younger and played bball, one of the other parents from the other team told my dad "let's take it outside"

Reffed a 11 yr girl soccer game. Had to be escorted to my car by police b/c of parents