I was arrested 9 times before I was 18. But I live in Utah county, they arrest you for swearing.

9 arrests between age 13 - 18 ranging from theft to assault

I was arrested 77 times by my 17th birthday.

My brother in law was arrested 17 times before 18 his charges ranged from petty theft to drive by shootings and gun store robbery.

Been arrested about 25 times at the age of 17 went to prison for 5 years now im almost 40 years old couldn't be happier with my life

I was arrested 40 times before 16 and I have 3 felonies before 18 for dealing on school property and assault on cops.. I am a women now.. But I keep my past away from my kids..

My friend was arrested 16 times...he's 16, almost 17, all where for trespassing.