My sister was arrested with her boyfriend because the police showed up to their apartment to serve a warrant (which she put against him for battery) to arrest him and ended up arresting her too for harboring/hiding him from the police.

Husband and i got arrested and charged with robbery. We attempted to walk out of a store without paying for stuff on bottom of cart and an employee tried to karate kick my husband to stop him. The employee almost fell so for some dumb reason that makes it a robbery. Lol

My husband and I had just moved into a home, renting ; good "looking " neighborhood but we were woken up at 6 am to pounding on the door. House was surrounded by slc PD. They were convinced they had the right house. Long story short, not sure who or what they were looking for but we were both arrested  for having a unpaid traffic ticket. From 9 years ago. Some cops are extremely dangerous.

My ex boyfriend used to sell pot and the cops came and raided our apartment. I was afraid and didn't want to lose him so I tried to take all the blame they arrested us both. In jail we would knock on the walls to each other until they took us away from the holding cell.