I got pulled over for armed robbery and I obviously didn't do it. The cop pulled his gun and everything!


while on my mission in Brazil, I found a wallet. We just do happen to come across a few cops, showed them the wallet. They pulled out their guns


I was accused of shoplifting at 12. Very embarrassing. Followed out of the store and made to open all my bags in the mall in front of everyone


In junior high they called me into the principal's office and had a cop in the office reading me my rights accusing me of stealing someone's shoes


SWAT raided my house thinking I had assaulted my wife. They raided the house. They were looking for my neighbor. Full assault team. With guns drawn


I was shopping with a girl I cheer with and she stole some earrings and got caught on camera and blamed it on me so I almost got kicked off

Mobile employee showing me a new smartphone. When I started leaving he accused me of stealing the phone and made a huge fuss about it


Had the police at my house twice because a guy accused me of flattening his tires for six weeks. Also water was put in his gas tank 


I was accused of stealing a car. Held me in detention for 14 hrs before they found the right guy.


I was pulled over by SLCPD looking for three black man in the SUV. I'm Asian and drive a Honda


got pulled over and accused for a shooting. I was 18. 12 cops all with guns drawn and got my car tore apart.


My dad was accused 3 years ago in California of causing an accident which killed to motorcyclist


Brother and I were pulled over at gun point by 15 cop's. Suspects in a drive-by. Man did I soil myself.


I was coming back from the Caribbean after vacation they stopped me at the gate and interrogated me saying that I fit the description of a drug dealer