My gm at work was on a porn site, brought me in to watch, then later blamed it on me, sparked a big investigation


Stealing my bro in-laws truck and slashing the tires. 


My schizophrenic ex accused me of cheating on him on a daily basis. I never once did.


I worked at a drug rehab center for troubled teenagers. I got mad at one of the boys, and to retaliate he told my supervisor I would flirt with him as suspended while they did an investigation. Obviously they found I did nothing wrong.


My best friend accused me off stealing money from a find raiser i did for my brother in law who is dying ALS..


I was accuse of stealing narcotics from a facility...I am a nurse and it was the worst experience of my life


Had a really good job that I loved but was fired for looking at porn on my company computer. I'm a chick, I wasn't looking at porn


My accused my FATHER AND I of sleeping. together 


While working at a daycare center a mom falsely accused me of molesting her 4yr old daughter. I wasn't even in the same room with the girl for weeks


Someone implied I molested a boy. It was awful. Still follows me.


I was accused of having an affair with a fellow teacher by his wife, . She contacted me about it. She divorced him for it. Never happened.


I was accused of making racist remarks about Muslims right after 9/11 and I was on vacation at the time. the accuser made constant false accusations