My ex left me when I was 6 months pregnant for another girl. Three years ago. A couple weeks ago he caught he found out she has been cheating on him


my dad left my mom after 25 years of marriage for a woman who was 15 years younger than him. He said that she was more fun she like to drink and party and now he hates his life and he hates her and there were seven kids involved between the two marriages. My mom remarried also and is doing far better


cousins wife said God gave me MS because I'm a bad person. Now she has MS checkmate B!


my ex made me work so hard to show him I loved him. Now he's miserable because his gf is never satisfied and he has to jump through hoops! Karma

 I am actually the one that is getting what I gave I used to be very dishonest with my ex wife and now I am with a girl that lies to me constantly


my former boss forced an older lady into retirement when she wasnt ready. now the owners forced my boss into retirement too! karma lol.