I'll change grades for kids that work hard but don't make the best grades. Kids that slack I have no mercy


My English teacher and I hook up for the whole year. It still when on after I got her pregnant and husband doesn't know


My old middle school teacher would write me a note so i could leave a class and chill with her during her free period


I'll confess for my teacher, she slept with me all throughout high school. :)


I had a fun little fling with my English teacher and my business marketing teacher in high school..


I'm a single teacher, and I hook up with my students' dads.


Used to teach arts at BYU and was given a small office... Big Mistake! Let's say I've had many fun "one-on-one" tutoring meetings with hot students


I did acid with my science teacher. In jr. High. She was a female and I was a male


my home ec teacher got fired after sending nudes to her male students