I am a garbage truck driver...If your trash can is missing when you come home, it's in my truck. Lol oopsie.

I often stop at the strip club while on the road

my father in law owns a trucking company and when there is a traffic jam and he can see that cars are merging he will block both lanes of traffic so cars can't speed ahead to merge and get in front of everybody

 I'm a truck driver and love picking up some "company" on my trips. The wife don't know

Drive a dump truck and pup at night and saw a man watching porn on his laptop while driving a mini van! What a sight to lmao!

I know a truck driver who doesn't wear pants. Nothing on the bottom half. Basically driving around naked. So jealous!!

i get paid by the hour not the delivery so driving locally I pull over and take naps for a couple hours

my dad is a truck driver and back in the day Bill Murray actually helped my dad unload his truck

If we need to change lanes and a car won't move, we swerve in our lane to scare the stupid people so they slow down or move.

I work 70 hrs a wrk week mostly during the business hours and i have a perfect view of what men and women do when in their cars. If you only knew!!

as a trucker, since we are higher up. We see all kinds of stuff. From people driving without pants. To guys going solo while driving, girls giving honk honks

Best Lot Lizards in the country are in slc,ut... Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

used to watch movies goin across 80 in Wyoming every night