I have a friend that's a nurse and she said when her and her co workers show up to work hung over they give each other an IV to re-hydrate

I'm a nurse and work in a clinic and we have to wash the urine hats for future use by other patients.

some of those nurses be skanky, hooking up with married doctors, hooking up with other nurses. Huge hookup fest.

I work on labor and delivery and there is a nurse I work with who is constantly taking naps on the job

A lot of hooking up going on my wife works in labor and delivery a few nurses are hooking up with the OB doctors and the radiology techs with the radiologists and a good majority of them are all married

every ER has a big group of "frequent flyers." These are drug seekers who use their Medicaid to be "hurt" sometimes 10x/ month or more to get their fix

one of my sisters is a nurse, there is one male nurse who would steal the meds but pulled the race thing and is still working

Night shift guy banging several of the night shift nurses who were married. Later got arrested for drugs and got fired.

If you have a good relationship with a dr, he will give you a prescription for what you need saving you a trip to the dr. Not narcotics!

we had a nurse recently fired for pocketing pain meds that she was supposed to be giving to her pts. The meds we get are sent up in those vacuum tubes