say nothing ... Always back fire .. Someone always finds out !!!

tell them to come clean. Otherwise you feel you need to disclose it to their spouses.

it's not their business to get involved & break up that marriage!! The spouse will figure it out!!!

unless you are married to one of the peeps ... Not you commitment

anonymous email or text to this guy about it.

don't tell the spouse. I was in the situation until the spouse and they didn't believe me and then thought I was trying to break up their marriage

If the spouse is a friend you gotta tell them. Giving the cheaters notice is optional.

 if she cares about the person being cheated on she would tell them . I would want to know

if u do tell this person, it needs to be approached very sensitively

Group therapy If it was happening to you would you want to know? This person may feel the same way.

as being someone on the other end the person had a right to know. I'm glad my friend was brave enough to talk to me

leave a anonymous  note to the friend who is being cheated on. Then if they ask you why didn't you tell me you can say that you did and you stay out of it.

That's a hard situation but in my opinion I think she should tell. I mean, wouldn't you want to know? That spouse deserves to know.

I told my friend that her fiance was cheating on her and she didn't even care. She said she had already assumed he was. Wish I hadn't said anything now.

the person needs to tell the person that's cheating, you have 48 hours to confess or I'm outing you

if you know, your already in it

they should leave it alone. Either way someone is gonna be mad- you didn't say something or you did say something. You can't come out unscathed

confront the cheater. Say they are putting you in a bad situation. You need to come clean

you need to say something no matter how, honesty is always the best no matter how much it hurts

2 coworkers were having an affair and using work activities I planned to meet. Both their spouses also worked there. My boss said I could do nothing.