My grandma works for a police station and every year they have a Fourth of July party and use fireworks that were compensated for being illegal

my ex is a cop, he dated a former parolee! Big no no!! He could've lost everything! Idiot!!

confessions? My husband was a cop for 8 years. There is SO much back stabbing and shady cops. It got to the point where no one trusted anyone

correction officer told me that Warren Jeff's is a chronic masterbater!! Eeeew

my uncle works for an agency, says that more than half of them admit to pulling people over just because they are Hispanic or African American

new someone who used to party back in the back in the day with cops lets just say lots of cheating and drugs at some of these "cop partys"

I used to work at the police impound thousands of dollars worth of jewelry came up missing from a burglary suspects vehicle

I worked on the Susan Powell case and although we have MORE than enough evidence to prosecute

confessions. I went to a white trash bash at my friends house who is married to a cop. Yes there was a keg.

I am over 60 years old . when I was 18 . I was molested by a cop. I was on lovers lane with my boyfriend. The cop took me away from my boyfriend