my friend is a professional trainer. Has on lots if competitions. And preaches health, but is a HUGE pot head

I know a guy that  owns a gym.hits on and sleeps with lots of the women that go to his gym. His wife works out there too

there is this girl who used to work at a Gym who was always with this beefy trainer they would go in the back room and lock the door all the time. She’s been training with him for 5 years

I had the best trainer and let's just say now I have a daughter. He definitely was talented

 I worked out with a friend that was a personal trainer and I recently found out she had been having an affair with another personal trainer for years

my friend that used to be a personal trainer would get people started on their workouts, and then go steal their stuff from the locker room.

 We had a trainer that was having an affair with a client and while his wife was in the hospital having a baby