On our honeymoon my husband agreed to go parasailing even though he was terrified. The boat broke just before his turn & we noticed a HUGE hole in the parachute

I relocated here to Utah from California last summer for love. Gave up entire life - friends, family, and an 8 yr career...all for love. So he could coach, attend grad school, and train for Olympics. He quit coaching, hates school, and what's to give up training. WTF?!

Recently my husband and I went on a trip to the Bahamas. He has always wanted to dive with sharks. Lucky for me they offered it there. There was no part of me that wanted to go down 25ft under water with 22 sharks that were bigger than me but I could tell how much he wanted to do it so I did it! Ah!

I acted like I loved sushi when I started dating my girlfriend and I hated it. We kept going because she thought I liked it as much as here 4 years later

My boyfriend built our bed five feet Off the ground because I hated his dog sleeping on it

My husband gave up a scholarship for college to go to a closer school so we could see each other easier and more often. I had no idea until years later after we were married. I never would have let him give it up and he said that is why he never told me.

Got a tattoo of a girls name we were together for 5 yrs and now haven't seen her inn 8 yrs and now . don't ever do it , it's a curse I'm no longer with that B*****

My boyfriend used to HATE boating but my family and I love it. A couple summers ago he finally got on the tube behind the boat. When he feel off and we turned around to pick him up we found him tucked up into his life jacket and hyperventilating.

Spent hours and hours watching and playing world of war craft, league of legends, video games, and magic the gathering tournament. To prove I could also be that cool gamer chick, even when I didn't want to. Luckily now we are engaged and have a happy relationship.