Done. A total disregard for her feelings. Lying AND a lap dance ?

if it bothers you then you need to talk about it and if they can't respect your feelings it's a problem.

Look don't touch. Watching strippers is one thing but I would say lap dances are another story, form of cheating YES

if your spouse is against something so strongly you should never do it no matter what.

 I think because she sees it as cheating, he should respect her feelings. This shows a lack of respect to me

it's about respect and he obviously don't respect her

lap dance isn't going to be good enough he's going to be looking for something more...I'm a guy by the way

porn and movies are not physical ...lap dances involve physical contact

 it doesn't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home.

paying for sexual services is absolutely cheating. I am a female. If my husband ever did anything we would be having issues.

I'm a dude, if you are going to a strip club and feel sexually aroused for someone besides your spouse, it's cheating.

 i dont think is cheating but he is a lair and he broke the trust i will leave him before it gets worse

 fine with strips clubs, porn, etc. not ok with lap dances.

absolutely no strip clubs. I only want him having those kinds of thoughts about me.

 I think it is a form of cheating because they are going there to be aroused. That should be your significant other's job..

happy wife makes a happy life. Don't piss off wifey!!!

I don't mind if it's once a blue moon thing and very little $

I don't mind my husband going to a strip club if it's for a bachelor party. But I don't like him spending money there

a lapdance is a form of cheating. It is the same as kissing a coworker at a Christmas party.

sounds like he has been wanting this. Sounds like she needs to step up give that boy a lap dance..

Eject! Abort! Get out now. People don't change. That may sound extreme, but if you can't TRUST your spouse all other areas are affected.

once you are married, you are in a monogamous relationship. Strip clubs can't be a part of hat relationship without ruining it.

Lap dance, talked about BEFORE hand- lied about it? These are separate issues for each SEPARATELY! He's willing and knowingly making a choice to do hurting his spouse and a problem because something in him overrides that need over the needs of his wife.

 I'm a dude and I don't think it's cheating, but he's still a stupid a-hole for doing it.

 I am not ok with strip clubs.... I think they are degrading.

i don't consider that cheating but I agree with jess. He lied and if he lied he'll lie again. It's time to sit down and set boundaries with consequences.