mama was a prostitute / stripper which is actually how I met their father


My kids dont know I had an abortion.


I used to do&sell meth. Never got busted by the law. Got pregnant&pulled out of that life style. Happy mom&wife now :)


My kids would be shocked to know that my husband & I are swingers.


That I was a stripper in Vegas for five years.


Sex at 14


My husband was married before and I was his mistress!


I had my nipples pierced


I was married to someone before their dad. My kids are young so I will tell them one day especially since their older cousins know.


My kids don't know I've made out with women


I used to do heroin and shortly after getting clean I got pregnant. She kept me clean and will forever be my saving grace! Been sober over 3 1/2 years!


I had a threesome with my husband and his brother


I won a wet t-shirt contest when I was 21


When I was 21 I worked at a gentle mans club. Let's just say I wasn't a waitress.


I am in an "alternative lifestyle" and my husband and I throw huge lifestyle parties and run a large local website ;-)


I was an escort a long time ago.


My kids don't know Mommy has an open marriage with Daddy ??


Had an affair with their uncle, my bro in law


I had a lesbian affair with my husband's sister.


Kids don't know mom smokes weed


My 1st big O was with another girl


I dropped acid in high school


Dad's gay and I knew when I married h i m.


My very LDS mother kept it a secret that she smoked pot with her professor. My dad accidentally let it slip when I was 14. Almost ended their marriage.


I had a baby almost 16 yrs ago that I gave up for adoption. I plan on telling them soon.