my cousin took a hammer to her girlfriends husbands head trying to get him out of the picture needless to say she ended up in prison for a few years


when my husband and I were first married, I was out on Prozac and went crazy and violent!


I was in a women's soccer league and got fed up with a girl playing dirty. She shoved me down so I got up swinging. I was suspended for 2 weeks and escorted off the field


saw three women beat down a pregnant women because the baby daddy was dating one of the three. Completely awful, she lost the baby.


sister and friends got in a bar fight with some girls. One girl got treated for stiletto puncture wounds

Caught the boyfriend cheating-I pulled him off the other girl and punched him in the face 4 or 5 times.


Jr. High this guy never stopped making fun of me and my friend do I took my violin case and beat the crap out of him. That was the end of that


This girl was bullying me. so i grabbed her hair and slammed her head against a brick wall then she fell to the ground and i left her there


when i was 16 (i am 35 now) i told my big bros wife she was crazy for freaking out about nsync tickets. She threw a knife at me


In high school I got in a fight and broke the other girls jaw, wrist, and knee... 


my sis was 8 months prego. We got into an argument, she knew i wouldn't hit her so she started pounding me


My ex girlfriend gave me a concussion, 2 black eyes, and held a loaded and cocked gun to my head. Surprised I'm alive!


as a 140lb gay white boy I had to TRY to break up a vicious girl fight between 2 massive black girls. I almost died


My fiancé at the time told me to get the f@*! out of our house. So I left in car and he came running after so I hit him with my car I was so mad.


I got beat up in wendover on the dance floor. Grown woman put me in a head lock & ripped my hair out after a dance off.


My husband and I were going through s rough spot and I lost it twice. I threw a spray paint can at him and hit him in the back of his head drew blood


uncle came home drunk. When he passed out my aunt beat him with the rolling pin. Uncle still doesn't know why he woke so sore


 in high school I broke a girls nose & the her against a brick wall. I'm 4'11 she's was about 5'7.