I make $30,000 more than my hubby. He loves it

Last year I made 50,000 more than my husband. He seems okay with it. Why wouldn't he be?

I make double what my husband does. I make 86k

I'm a Mom to twin toddlers and make $60k+ more than my husband!

I make about double what my husband (soon to be ex) makes. It has caused some friction and problems.

I'm the bread winner~ I make $22 more per hour

I am the breadwinner, my husband in a stay at home dad :(

I have a pretty secure well-paying job and my wife makes about four times as much as I do! And I absolutely love it.

I'm the breadwinner. I don't think it bothers my husband too much but it bugs me sometimes. I make double what my husband makes

I make 103k my husband makes 50k. I think it effects him a little but he never would mention it

I make $15k more than my husband whose 12 years older than me. He doesn't mind since it's in me to be a go getter!

I am 58,000 a year and my husband makes 23,000 he doesn't care

I make 100% more then my man. He's ok with and so am I!! :)

I make 30K more than my husband and he loves it. Doesn't have to worry about the finances!

20 thousand more than my husband. He loves having a sugar mama

Hubby makes 30k 60k for Mama!....:-*

He's not a stay at home dad, but I bring in $45k more. I'm his sugar mama as he says.

I make a ton more then my boyfriend so I pay for absolutely anything

I made 30k more then my guy. He claims he's proud but I wonder.

I'm the bread winner in my relationship. It bothers my honey because he feels like that should be his role. I make $20,000 more at the moment.

I make $120k per year my bf make $50k it annoys me!

I make way more than MY husband. He is content to deliver pizza . I hate it he is also content to sit his ass on the couch all day

I make aboutt $15k more than my hubs and it doesnt bother him. But i wish it did so he might feel pushed to find better employment:-(

I make 2 dollars an hour more than my boyfriend and he hates it! It has caused so many fights it's ridiculous.

Wife found a job where she makes 3 times what I made so i quit and now I'm a stay at home dad

I've always been the bread winner...he's more than proud to say he has a sugar mama to everyone...what's to be upset about....we have the same checking account

My husband tells everyone that he is okay with me having the career and making money and he being Mr Mom

My wife has a dbl bachelor and is a nurse and I'm still at my college job. I supported her career goals. I would say things are really even.

I make almost double, my hubby of two years knew this when we married. He supports me totally but I can occasionally see it's hard on his ego

I make twice as much as my husband. I'm the one that has a problem with that. I wish it was the other way around.

I make about $80k my husband is 100% commission. Most years I make more than him and it def can cause friction

My sister in law is the bread winner and her husband is always trying to get side jobs to make as much as her its cause issues in their marriage

I make about $15,000 per year more than my husband. It doesn't bother either of us. We both work really hard.

We both work full time jobs. My wife makes about $40k a year more than me. I'm very proud of her and her career. It doesn't bother me at all.

My mom makes at least double than my step dad he doesn't mind because he gets to spend all of her money

I make about 25k more than my husband. We both work and contribute to our family. He had no insecurities :)

My wife makes double what I make and I love it, screw societies expectation

I am the bread winner! my husband is totally fine with it, in fact he even brags about it sometimes!

I'm current breadwinner making 30k more, and he makes great money. No issues. He is proud of me and supportive. He has always been breadwinner until recently

I make 150, 000 a year my husband made 30, 000 with a masters degree can be stressful at times but for the most part it works. He cooks, cleans, runs the kids to all there activities and does the laundry.....and takes care of me :) we make it work