I had a huge dog in my car climb in my lap as i was driving. I drove over the rumble strip and scared him. Never let the happen again!

My cat is mostly black, so in the wee hours of the morning she likes to hide on the stairs. You can only imagine how many times I've accidentally stepped on her or tried to avoid her and ended up falling down the stairs at 3 am. I'm pretty sure she thinks it's funny

I've almost fell down my stairs numerous times due to my cats and 5 month old puppy.

My friend who has cats tells me that she wakes up to her cats covering her mouth and nose with their paws. See cats ARE the devil. I knew it!!!!

Our cat jumped up on the dresser knocked a heavy glass onto floor where my son was asleep and put a 3 inch gash in the back of his head requiring staples

My sister's cat tries to sit on a smother my 4yr old when we visit her

My goat almost broke my wrist, face-planted me in the snow, and ran me into a pole at a full downhill sprint. She hasn't killed me yet, but ...

Lady had a huge pet python she even let sleep with her every night. It started getting really skinny and wouldn't eat so she took it to the vet. Vet said it was stretching out and preparing to eat her

I left my cat in the car while it was running.... she locked me out and pushed the gear into neutral while I was standing behind it talking to my neighbor the car almost rolled over me needless to say no more car rides with kitty

My dog dragged me down cement stairs and tore my shoulder and had to have surgery

Came home one day from work and my cat and one of my dogs had managed to start one gas burner on my stove and get two more in ignition mode...whole house smelled like gas for several hours...luckily nothing exploded...but I think my cat is trying to kill me

Fluffy bunny rabbit bit my neck while sleeping...needless to say no more rabbits or pets!

My two puppies were fighting, literally. I tried to break the fight and one of the puppy bit my hand really hard. My hand was bleeding real bad.

About 20 years ago we had a Doberman puppy and on our way home from getting ears clipped he came out of the anesthesia and jumped in the from seat. Slammed the gear into park in the middle of I-15.

My ball python try to eat my hand

My mom was trying to break up a fight between our three small dogs. She had one of the dogs in her arms when one of the other dogs walked underneath her feet. She tripped over the dog tumbled down our flight of stairs breaking her foot in multiple places. It Was a good thing I was visiting or she could've been alone for hours not being able to move

When I was around 14 years old I had a python and this python had a problem with eating so the had us give it shots in the belly. Well one day my father and I were preparing to give the shot when it bit me and wrapped around my arm. We finally got it off bit my arm was purple by that time. No more snakes

I was walking down a flight and my black lab came running behind me. She hit the back of my knees and flew down the rest of the stairs

My lab/chihuahua mix tried AND succeed in throwing me down my stairs! Hyper-extended toes, broken elbow and torn tendon not to mention road rash