people think it's strange I like to watch and listen to trials.

I am infatuated with crime shows.. CSI. Criminal Minds. I watch them all the time

ex boyfriend has native american heritage and finally admitted to me that he believes in eating loved ones after they die. One confession too much I left

love anything with ghosts and paranormal

I want to dissect a body!! Not an animal either. Apparently ppl find that very creepy so i stopped telling ppl that. Lol

I am obsessed with the Holocaust! People think I am weird but I absolutely love learning about it! Visiting and touring Auschwitz is on my Bucket list

serial killers and plane crashes... I work for an airline

I'm infatuated with ghosts

I am obsessed with prison and what it's like in prison- I wanna know so bad ha I watch all the prison documentaries

I'm afraid to admit that I'm obsessed about the paranormal.

People think I'm strange because I have an obsession with serial killers & collect knives.

I'm going to mortuary school to be an embalmer and funeral director. Anytime anyone asks me what Im going to school for I get the most disgusting looks ever

I'm agnostic & everytime it's came up people look at me like I'm crazy for not being certain there's a God.

OBSESSED with obits. If they don't say how they die I fb stalk to find out

I'm with Frankie.. I'm a female and obsessed with serial killers.. And I love plastic surgery

I love the smell of sweaty horses
I like the ESPN replays of people getting hurt. The more camera angles the better! Compound leg fractures are my favorite. Haha