I won't accept some people because I perform and have stalker groupies I won't accept.

my uncle won't be my Facebook friend because I'm friends with his ex wife

I won't accept my stepmom facebook friend request because she has added and removed me 4 times and I am done

 a past boyfriend still won't accept my friend request. We ended on good terms and he even invited me to his wedding. I just don't get it!

I'm not accepting women that sext my husband who is my supposed friend

I won't accept my uncle's request because he's a piece of poo and wouldn't get it together for his daughter that my parents have now adopted

 I won't accept a girl I worked with because I was her supervisor. I accepted her once and then deleted her and she kept requesting me.

I have a niece that keeps requesting me on FB and I deny her because when I go home to visit she doesn't make any plans to see me

I won't accept my 11 yr old nephew because I'm pretty sure his psycho Mom is really behind the computer screen.. I can't deal with that kind of cat fish!

my biological mother will send me FB friend requests.. I don't have anything to do with her haven't talked/ seen her in years.. Long story short, she chose

my boyfriend won't accept my friend request. Should I be suspicious??

My boyfriend's baby momma added me on Facebook. I left it in my queue rather that accepting or declining. No way I'm accepting that

my first love/my first kiss won't be friends on fb with me. Yet his older sister is my friend. Wtf

I won't accept my nephews request because is in and out of prison and I don't want him to know where I live or be near my son

I have an ex boyfriend who keeps adding me and STILL has pics of us from 5 years ago. I'm married.

 my biological father requested me and we have never had a relationship. Not in 35 years!

 I went to cosmetology school and wouldn't hardly accept anyone I went to school with. I don't talk to you at school why would I talk to you on fb? Duh

I have people I have no interest in what they are doing sending me friend requests. Co-workers, neighbors or acquaintances I barely know

 I'm a school teacher and I often have parents of children in my class want to be friends on Facebook. Sorry! I don't need parents knowing what I do

people I barely knew in high school. It's been 8 years, and I'm not interested in a reunion!

My sister wont accept my facebook she doesnt like me but wont tell me why. Funny thing is I have a great relationship with her kids. It is her loss

 I won't accept my moms Facebook request. Um... We live in the same state, you want to know what's going on in my life? Call me!

I have a girl who sends me a request at least once a month but I don't accept because she tried stealing my now husband back when we were dating years ago

 I refuse to accept my mother in laws facebook friend request...shouldn't have deleted me in the beginning. I'm not playing those games with her

. Not accepting 2 because they've been drama before n probably still would be..