I'm pregnant by my boyfriend of a month and a half and I have to tell my family. He's never even met my family.

We're looking for a home to buy but the hubs doesn't realize I've got a huge addiction to marijuana so the funds aren't there :'(

My parents are having feelings for each other again after almost 15 years of being divorced. My parents in laws do not like each other. Here comes world war 3.

At my work 8 people will be quitting over the next two months and there are no plans to replace them.

Fighting to keep my house. Got a little behind, now the mortgage company won't let us pay anything till we pay the back. So every month we get further behind.

I has "relations" with my girlfriends mother and she found out. She has not confronted me yet.

I'm about to tell my fam I love opiates and I need some help getting off them. My fam will probably freak out with no support

Just waiting for my mom to drop the papers on my dad.

2 years haven't made house pymt scared that day is coming that I will b forced out

I'm about to call off my wedding because I have feelings for another man......stressed out.

I'm getting ready to tell my very judgmental parents that I don't want to be a Mormon anymore. My dad's a bishop... And I did the whole temple marriage thing.

My daughter has been dating this guy for 5 years. She had an affair and BAM she's pregnant. Lets just say its going to be interesting when the baby's born. Especially if she's not white