450 going to meet up with my guy to buy some goods today, can't wait

My ex used to carry $3,000+ on him daily.

my dad carries about $3k on him at all times

912. Mmmhmmm

I have 5 grand on me right now because my husband cashes his pay checks since we don't have a bank account. He gets paid weekly :)

$12,000! Won big in Vegas!!

500. I usually don't have this much but it's part of my rent. I totally forgot I had that in there till now

$60,000 paying the pool guy today for our pool

I am a college Football coach and I have 775.00 in my wallet right now. Always have tons of cash I travel a lot

6800 in my wallet. Closing on my new house !!!

 I have $500 on me but after work today it's being spent on 2 loans at the credit union

 I have $2000 on me

 I have $2700. My husband hides money in the house for emergencies and we are moving so we gathered it all up and i am taking it to the bank today.

11K, buying a car after work. I hate carting this kind of money! I'm watching the locker room every time someone goes near the door!

 I always keep 50,000 on me to spend just on fun stuff

I always carry 3500.00. I have no bank account. Pay cash for everything!!!!!

TECHNICALLY, more than a quarter million, but I work in the armored car industry.

$1,200. Paying off state taxes.

I currently have about $1400 in my purse in cash, and about $200 in gift cards.

 I have $2000 on me for emergencies

15 k driving to pick up product.

I have $1647 on me right now, which is normal, because I'm a G!