My sister in law has been engaged at least 9 times that I know of. Married 3 of them divorced all 3 times

8 times married 1

I was my X wife's 4th engagement.. should have taken that as a sign. Odd though because she was engaged 2 months after she told me she wanted a divorce.

Sister-in-law engaged at least 6 times that she didn't get married she is a ho

I know a girl who has been engaged 6 times. She still consistently wears 3 of the rings..

I was engaged 6 times and married 2 times yikes lol

4 engagements. Never married. With 4 different guys. Just never worked out ~BOSSYBOOTS~ -----Now i am single and raising my kids by myself!!

I have been engaged to 8 different women and married twice. Looking for number 9. The others all left because they cheated on me.

I have been engaged 5 times ... My friends all started calling me the run away Bride ... I called myself Smart ... For knowing it was never right, and being strong enough to get out !

Sister engaged 5 times, not married

My cousin is 23 and engaged 4 times the current one is still married but seperated and he just had a baby a month ago with his "wife"