Three high school sweet heart, first husband, and current husband.

My husband's baby mama has 3 baby daddies. Some women need to learn to keep their legs closed

I know this girl who has 3 diff baby daddy's. She is prego with the third one. Not with the guy. She also told me she wants another baby! Come on your 23 with 3 kids diff dads. Yet you want another baby!

My friends mom has 5 kids and four different baby daddy's. The best part is she's on her third marriage and NONE of her hubby's are her baby daddy's.

My past mistress has 3 kids and 3 baby daddy's. Good thing I got snipped before we hooked up right?

My ex sister in law has 6 baby daddies

My cousin has FOUR baby daddy's abs has seven kids. She is only 27

I have two and hopefully 3 soon ;-)

My step sons mom has 3 baby daddy's

3 baby daddy's

My ex sister in law has 4 kids, 4 baby daddies

My ex more has 3 baby daddy

Girl I work with has 3 boys w/3 dads. She is no longer with any of the dads. Not even divorced yet but looking to date.

My baby daddy has 4 baby momas with a total of 8 kids!! no he isn't Mormon Catholic actually

Not proud of it 3 baby daddies men are A-HOLES!!! In three different states all jerks!!

I have 5!

My husbands ex wife has 6 kids, 3 baby daddy's.. Same with his sister.. Trash!! (if you ask me)

I have 2 friends that are sisters both have 3 baby Daddy's each one sister has 3 kids the other has 5 kids.

Mother in law has 4 baby daddy's. My husband has admitted that his mom is a hoe. LOL

My mother in law has 6 kids and 5 baby daddies

My neighbor has 8 kids and 3 baby daddies. We call them the Crazy Eights.

My cousin has 7 different baby daddies. The sad thing is she doesn't even know who fathered any of her kids!!

My cousin has 5 baby daddies!! By the fourth and fifth we were all like, what is going on?! You know what's causing by his, right?

5 kids, 3 baby daddys, started when I was 16... I may or may not have daddy issues ;-)

My sister in law has 7 kids and they all have different daddies.

My niece has three baby daddy's . all dead beats. . babies are adorable.

I have 6 kids by 4 dads.

I know a girl who has 8 kids and 5 different baby daddys and she is not even hot! Lol I have 3 kids and 2 baby daddys but im hot lol

I have 1 baby daddy but he has 4 baby mamas

My mom has 4 kids 3 baby daddies been married 4 times none of them were our FATHERS.

My neighbors ex is prego with #4 from daddy #4 and the oldest is only 7

My Brother is baby daddy with 6 dif girls

I had girlfriend that has 4 kids 4 baby daddy's. She was the best sex ever...oh yeah!

My mom has four kids with four different dads. What's worse is three of them have been to prison.

My sister in law has 5 kids, 5 baby daddies. 3 are unknown....

My niece 5 kids 3 dad's All under 8 years of age, the dirty pirate hooker,

I know a girl that has 3 poly one white one black one Mexican one Italian and one Asian and she is Puerto Rican.
My dad has 3 baby mommas     

My dad has three baby mamas and six kids. He's fifty one with a three year old. Fail.

My mom has five baby daddys nd doesn't kno who two of the dads are

My ex has 4 kids all with 3 baby daddy's and the dads have custody of all the kids

My grandma has 6 baby daddy's all my mom's sister and brothers have different dad's and she's still dating she's like 70

Wow, I feel so much better after listening to all of those! I thought 3 was bad! :)

My ex has 6 baby mama's!