I give my kids the phone to talk to them.


Ask them all these questions, about their life, ANYTHING keep em on the phone, they aren't allowed to hang up first.


I tell telemarketers that I'm addicted to meth and that I need more if they can help me find some.


I try to keep them on the phone for at least an hour or two they are not allowed to hang up unless you threaten them or swear


We let my 8 year old answer the telemarketer calls. She has the greatest convos with them asking if they like bananas or if they have kids. When they ask if her parents are home, she says they don't live here!


My mom passed away and when they call for her and we say she passed they never know how to respond. It can be pretty funny


Or telemarketers.. Always give the phone to your kid and tell them it's Santa!


My 15 year old daughter answers the tel-marketers in French. She carries on a huge conversation they can't understand


When telemarketers call my dad he starts crying really hard and tells them he passed away suddenly last night and when they give him sympathy he goes on to tell them about his sad pathetic life.