Pin point pupils, malaise, mood swings, decreased hygiene, decreased interest in participating in activities that he used to. Pretty much the same symptoms as depression.. I'm a nurse, I see it on a daily basis ;)

Sleeping a lot. Really moody when not on it. Weight loss because you don't really eat when on it. Look for empty bottles. Low strength when not on it. But when on it really happy, strong, deep conversations. You really "think" about a lot of things while high

I put my daughter in counseling we went once a month for 6 months , huge difference, . and worth every penny

check the color on his tongue, red or purple most cough syrup has some sort of coloring in it:)

Check to see if his pupils are dilated. Cough medicine makes them huge even after the effects have worn off.

The problem is he's so use to denying it it's just his first instinct now. I finally told my parents about my addiction when they calmly sat me down and asked me without being stern or punishing but just trying to understand. Cried like a baby to my mom. I'm 19 and was addicted to syrup for 2 years

Addiction to cough syrup signs: my best friend was addicted to Robitussin for years! He would go for 2-3 days no sleep high on the stuff. Not urinating. Followed by 2 days of sleep unless he got high again. Take this seriously. My friend died last year while he was high

Become agitated and irrational easily. I struggled with addiction as a teen. Best thing u can do is not enable him!

Robotic choppy movement and walking, more social and talkative up to a certain dosage then your too far gone to communicate intelligently, emotionless and blank expression. Will act dissociated and vacant. Dxm is fun but really dangerous in cough medicine form esp if it has other active ingredients other than dxm.

My son was sleeping a lot and his attitude changed. Went to Walgreen and got a drug test from the pharmacist for 30 bucks. Tests for like 8 different drugs. Got our answers from that.

Tell her to follow her gut and get him into treatment ASAP from a mom who knows