Revenge-- when I left my ex, I let him have the 44" big screen tv. My revenge was when he kept it in storage & it FROZE & cracked!! Haha

Had a professor that accused me of cheating and made my life terrible. At my job I came across some claims he had submitted. I denied them over and over and over for everything I could and finally paid them out close to a year later!!

cleans toilet with toothbrush* no explanation needed.

Pee in a pickle jar. Its super discreet

I got revenge by locking my ex's dog in his room for a week while he was on vacation. No worries, he had food and water and plenty of toys

My boss was a d.bag and always traveled back east. I cancelled his hotel reservations.

This punk was trying to fight me at school.. so I lied to the principle he was the schools biggest drug dealer! Let's just say no more public school for him

I had a best friend in college and she backstabbed me so I started dating her ex-boyfriend now we are married at six years and have a baby together

I got revenge by signing my friend up for so much junk mail that the post office used to drop off 2 or more usps boxes a day for months

Ex girlfriend cheated on me, she's allergic to cats so I rubbed my cat on her underwear. (Not deathly allergic, just enough to be irritating).

My ex's 57 Chevy Bel Air was in my name. And after we separated I sold it and told him I sold it for $200... I actually sold it for a lot more.... :)

I hired a private detective to prove the my new hubby's ex wife was co-habitating with one of her many boyfriends. Then hired a lawyer to draw up papers to STOP all alimony. I only did this cuz the first time I met her the only thing she said to me was "Don't worry, I've made sure he'll be broke for a very long time". The bitch lost out on over 100k, just for pissing me off! ;)