talking birds and bees w/9 yr old son in car he threw his hands over his ears and said please stop talking mom

After "the talk" with our 11 yr old, he summed it up as "hump, hump, just like the dogs!" We never used that word!

with the birds and the bees comment. My dad had asked if I had intercourse and then started crying. I had dated the guy for 5 years...

When we were talking about birth control and using condoms, i said they aren't 100% preventable and he said that's why i wear 2, he just turned 14.

My dad took me to squaw peak in provo canyon (common make out spot) to give me the "talk" & in the car next to us there was a couple having sex.

when my mom attempted to talk. I was 18 and already pregnant. . Sad I told her that day.. She was upset. ..

the talk with my two boys went south when the info started to sink in and then they couldn't stop laughing

my parents never sat me down for the talk even when I asked questions. I'm 20

my dad told me birds fly bees sting... Great talk when I'm already 8 months pregnant & he knew lol