I was married to my husband for 2 years before meeting my mother-in-law and I have yet to meet my father-in-law and we have been married 5 years.

I've been married for about 2 years and I have yet to meet my in laws. They despise me and they tried to separate us and they didn't come to our wedding all because I'm African American and don't make all lot of money. But I make enough to keep my family well above water

Been married for 18 years never met my mother in law because she has never made the effort as well as several of my husbands siblings

My husband has never met my father, my dad was arrested, sent to prison and then deported when I was in 7th grade for being one of the main drug Lords here in Utah

My ex is from New Zealand. His mom and 2 sisters came to the wedding but I've never met his brother or father.

Haven't met my in-laws, my husband is from Iran he left there to come to the U.S to get his citizenship we've been together 5 years and married for almost 1 year.

My wife and I dated for 5 years and just got married this past November. In that time I never met my father in law or mother in law because im LDS

My husband is from another country. I never met my in-laws. My husband is scared to meet my family because he thinks they would not like him because he is not American.

My in laws got divorced, never met either of them because his father is now in jail for killing his mom for leaving him

I never met my mother in law, due to the fact that my father in law had stolen my then husband and kept him from his mother his entire childhood. He didn't learn the truth for many years after our first child was born.

I am white my hubby black from east coast. Been married 18 years. His family wouldn't come out for the wedding cuz they were mad he married a white Mormon girl. Still only met a few people in his family, but some of them bash me via f-book. Ridiculous!!

I been married for 3 years i havent meet my in laws yet cause they are in another country. Mexico but im scared to go

My husband of 8 years hasn't met my dad because he sexually abused me as a child... He would probably kill him if he ever met him

We are together for 14 years, but my husband never met anyone from my family. They leave in Russia and can't come visit due to difficulties with visas.

I've never met my mother in law. She lives in Africa and doesn't speak English.

I hadn't met my father-in-law until I had been married 7 years. My brother in law died last year and that's where I met my father in law for the 1st time