I am 27 only had the big O twice

I have never had the big O and it sucks because I'm really curious what it's like to have it ha

I didn't start having the big O until my 40s. I'm 42 and I'm loving it.

Nearing 30 and I honestly don't think I've ever had an "o" ... sad I know but how do you even know? (I'm assuming I haven't since I'm not sure)

only had a handful ...UNTIL I had my 1st kid. Now I have one almost every time. Delivery must have moved stuff around down there to the right spot!

I have never had an orgasm during intercourse. I have had lots of O's other ways tho.

I've never had the Big O..... my man has tried and tried we've used toys and everything possible

I know someone who hasn't had an orgasm in over 40 years. Sad!

It took me years to have one and i can only have one by being on top

30 and never once super lame sauce

it's true it's all in your mind, that's when I started

After my first child i didnt have one for almost 7 Years

never had the big "O", I'm twenty five and been in a sexually active relationship since I was 18. But Lordy, could I win an oscar for the performance

Only had the big "O" once and I'm 27 female EFF!!!!! Definitely gonna give the study info a try

26 never had one. Can't get out of my head to relax and enjoy it.

I'm 27 never had the big O