gained 30 lbs while dating and 50 in first 3 yrs of marriage

Married 1 year. We both gained a lot of weight (30-40 pounds). I have been working it off to be healthy and he doesn't seem to care. I wish he would

4 years into it and we both gained 50+ lbs. Each but we are now eating healthy and working out together :)

we've been married 5 months and he has put on 25 lbs. I rag on him because he has developed sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

my hubby and I have been married for a year, together for about 7 yrs. I've about 5-10 lbs.. My hubby has gained about 35-40 lbs. It bothers me sometimes

 husband gained about 40-50 lbs the 1st 4 yrs of marriage. I obviously want him healthier but not gonna leave him over it. Still love him unconditionally.

I gained about 40lbs in a year 1/2. I then lost 40 and then my wife ballooned. We traded places

A year in I got prego. I gained 60, he gained 60. I lost it 2 weeks post baby. He still has it 5 years later..

boyfriend gained 50lbs fist year. 4years latter finally lost the weight. I stayed the same. I workout daily

both my wife and I have gained a little weight since being married in 06 but she's the only one that makes rude comments at times

My spouse gained 40 to 50 lbs and started in our third year. I love him but it makes me less attracted to him. I think its a turn off and not fair

I gained 70lbs, in four years, and my wife said that was the reason she cheated on me.

Married 5yrs gained a little over 30lbs did have a baby, but he will say less soda more water, do you need that 2nd cup of coffee or helping.

Both hubby and I have gained 30+ lbs each. Neither of us have a problem with it. We try to improve our health together