Amnesia. I was in a car accident and had some memory loss. We realized it when my friends came to visit me in the hospital

My father lost all of his memory after he was in a motorcycle accident, had to learn how to walk and talk and who he was. Took him over a year

Friend of ours got hit with a baseball in his temple. He continues to fail 24 out of 27 simple questions.

hit my head wakeboarding. Family says i asked the same 4 questions for 9 hours. Woke up next day dont remember anything. Family didnt even take me to doctor

playing tackle football during lunch, buddy of mine took a kid out hard and hit his head. Rest of the day was asking "hey when's lunch? What day is it?

my uncle had amnesia about four months ago. He woke up and had no idea where he was or who he was so they took him to the hospital

In high school I got a concussion in wrestling and I couldn’t remember anything of the four previous years

my boyfriend went on a mission and 6 months in had a seizure are lost his last 4 years of memory and that included me. He committed suicide not to long after

my husband has had 2 traumatic brain injuries. The first he has 15 min memory for 2 months. The second changed his personality for a week

had a horse accident. Sheared my brain. I had no idea what happened. Still don't. Didn't recognize people. Still have short term memory loss

4 wheeler rolled over me lost 4 to 5 days I was up talking to people had been to two hospitals by ambulance don't remember any of it

coworker& her boyfriend always have wild sex. He slammed her head *accidently too hard into wall, went to ER, coma 2 days and remembers nothing... still

Hit by a truck when riding my bike (9 yrs old), life flighted to Primary, don't remember much before the accident. Helmet saved my life