my friends ex wife kept his last name, then remarried and the guy she married used her last name from her previous marriage to my friend... Odd situation

my friend's husband took her last name. She wanted to keep hers and he didn't mind because he had bad blood with his dad and didn't mind losing his

my brothers wife only has sisters and her father passed away so my brother took her last name to carry it on for their family.

My friends hubby took her last name because it was the end of the line and he's that cool.

 My uncle took his wife's last name. Best part? It's also her previous husbands last name!

Her name was easy, Burgess. She's a dentist. His was hard, haupt. Took hers for her practice

once upon a time I had a friend that took his wife's name. We're not friends anymore. #Growapair

I know a guy who took her last name because she didn't have any bros and their family name was dwindling off. Super neat. Now they have a baby

 it is common in Germany for men to take the woman's name if there are no boys on her side to carry on the family name

Guys last name was Butt. She wouldn't take his last name. He took hers.

My parents and most of my relatives have the women keep their last names. It's common with Persians, which some people find ironic.

my cousin took his wife's name because they were virtually the same name, spelled differently. And they liked her spelling more

My college professor took his wife's last name, because his was Butts. he was made fun of as a kid and didn't want that for his own children.

My husband took my name because he doesn't have a good relationship with his father. He asked my dad if he could take our last name

my cousin's husband took her name but she's the boss

boyfriends brother in law took her last name. He wasn't a fan of his family