Find his public file and email it to everyone for them to read and make their own choices.

Absolutely! If it was for something child related. It is everyone's right to know. Recidivism rates are unreal!

I have 4 young kids. If a friend did not too me that would end our relationship. Must tell father. Send him an email showing the guy on the registered

Children are innocents in this situation he needs to tell

tell. No friendship is worth endangering children! Ever!

Definitely tell the dad. There is no way you could feel good about yourself if anything ever happened to the kids.

If he is a registered sex offender then the info is public record. Find out who the neighborhood watch is and give them a heads up. You just need his name.

You must tell everyone you can for the sake of protecting the kids. It's time adults put aside their own fears and started protecting kids

As a society we need to step up and protect our kids more. Who cares if his or her feelings get hurt.

In regards to the sex offender topic this is my opinion. I think they need to find out what kind of sex offender he is.

I would like to know if my child was around a sex offender if I were the Father. It shouldn't matter if it's a "new relationship"

I was madly in love with a registered sex offender who I didn't know was a registered sex offender. as soon as I found out it was over. No way