I couldn't go to zupas for over 5 years cause that's where my wife told me she was having an affair

I can't go to an Arby's by my house anymore because a guy asked for my number and I gave him a fake number!

I was at Fanzz And knocked down 2 racks of clothes while walking and texting. Now i cant go back out of embarrassment

I got crazy diarrhea at a gas station right by my work and a worker was in the bathroom cleaning. I felt so bad I've never gone back.

my dad destroyed (poop) the bathroom at the smiths in st. George and the workers knew what he did. We can't go back.

a dear friend of ours passed away in a restaurant that's one of my favorites in Utah. I still can't go back because of the memory.

i had gotten an pedi and mani done, after when i was paying. My card was decined! A kind woman paid for my mani and pedi
birds and the bees at DQ while eating a dilly bar! Haven't been back and can't eat dilly bars

my dad took me to lunch at Dickey's BBQ to tell me he's been having an affair on my mom. WTF? I haven't been back since :/

 I haven't gone to the Starbucks closest to my house in a year and a half because the last time I was there the barista gave me his phone number

I have a psycho ex that works at Olive Garden and I refuse to go eat there. My now husband always suggests we go there and I suggest somewhere else.

 I cant go to Crown Burger by ESA cus I flooded the bathroom after I pooped and clogged the toilet. WAY TOO EMBARRASSED!!

Went to a palates class and the big rubber band slipped off my foot and smacked my face, some of the ladies laughed. Never went back

I was at dinner and choked on something and took a sip of water. Ended up throwing up all over the table. Yup never been back.

my ex wife got her freak on at a golds gym hot tub I can never go back to the gym.

I was 9 mo pregnant and we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant in wj. Ate 1 bite too much and threw up on my plate. I ran to the bathroom and missed

My sister can't go to the 7-11 near our house because she drunkenly hit on a cashier there and wrote him a love letter

I shoplifted at a Claire's store a few years ago still avoid that part of the mall

I fell on the treadmill at Planet fitness and the treadmill pulled my pants down....never went back

Stopped going to a restaurant because my husband was having an affair with a waitress there. She would send him topless pics from the bathroom

an ex boyfriend and I would always go and eat out at wingers. . After I found out that he was cheating on me with a girl that he was also taking to wingers

I can't go to a certain bar any longer because me and my wife got kicked out for having sex in the bathroom

when I was little I threw up in the drive-through of the KFC and my sisters friend had to clean it up. My mom refused to go back she was so embarrassed.

I fell and got a mild concussion at Build a Bear when buying a teddy bear... Haven't been back since!

haven't been to San Pan since my dad walked back into the kitchen and slammed his plate down because they got his order wrong

i pooped my pants on the Indiana jones ride at Disneyland