my husband used to wear CJ. Almost made me gag and it made me Angry when he'd wear it 



My fiancé wears a cologne that reminds me of my dad, whom I hate. He isn't allowed to wear it anymore



I love fruity smells but my boyfriend hates it and loves flowery smells and I hate those. It's a really problem.


 I bought my fiancé Blue Polo and told him that's his cologne now.


 I used to wear a perfume that my boyfriend loved; honestly I hated how it smelled. But I'd wear it for him


my wife's new perfume smells like a prostitute I slept with in Peru. I told her I hated it and she asked why.... I let her keep it so she didn't ask


my hubby wears musk and I hate it. Reminds me of a nasty old man


my bf was wearing joop. Lmao 1989 gave me such a headache that I didn't want to go out with him. Had to tell him.