my bf wants a motorcycle to ride to work because his truck takes too much gas. I think they're dangerous and I already worry about him cuz he's military.


I have grown up with motorcycle and 4 wheelers. However my husband has not. He thinks he needs a road bike now. We fight about it all the time. 


hubby wants a bullet bike badly, not a lot of experience! I told him I didn't want to be a single mom!


My husband wanted a motorcycle and I was against it. I said the second he wrecked or got hurt, it was going on KSL. Two days later... Told you so!


my hubby totally bought a dirt bike. Then went and got all the gear pants, shoes, gloves... He Has no experience. He ran into our rock wall in our yard

My boyfriend insisted on buying a brand new motorcycle and on the first day he had it he drove it through the fence in our back yard


Mine does want a bike lol but he's to short , his feet dangle. I told him get off (laughing hard) that's embarrassing !