shared "the list" with my wife before we were married. At the time she said she wasn't bothered by it, but she brings it up all the time and even accuses me of wanting to go back to them all the time! Smh!

I'm guilty of constantly bringing up my fiances past. I feel bad but his past (ex wife) is constantly making our lives hell.

I used to party in college and my bf always brings it up. If he wants to go to the bar he will bring up my partying days

i told my boyfriend i had sex with an ex-boyfriend when i was going through my divorce and he cant get over it.

my bf still gets mad that i used 2go2 raves b4 i met him & brings up the ppl i have kissed b4 him I’ve only been with him but he still brings it up

i shared the list and on it was his best friend in high school. he always brings it up.