I'm thinking the guy is a committed handsexual. He probably got married after being single a LONG time!

Put your big girl pants on, get the dog out of the bed and say no more. Me or the dog!

I strongly feel that if wanted to be intimate, he'd do it. The dog is an excuse

Just do it. The dog will move.

Sounds like my ex husband. His dog always came first! Hopefully he didn't put someone else in that same place

Leave him!!! Sex at least once a week!!!

My friend is a lesbian but got married in the temple and used the dogs to get in between. Needless to say she came out and they are divorced

Was it my husband that emailed you? And you're saying it was a lady? This is totally us

My husband and I both think he's gay. Once a month is just not enough

When I first got married my boyfriend had this cat. He would NOT sleep without it. So when he went on a fishing trip I took it to the aspca and he divorced me.

My husband lays in bed for hours petting his little dog and doesn't touch me for weeks. Not. One. Touch! It's so painful! How messed up is it

Maybe the husband gay and is trying to hide it

Get rid of the dog. Problem solved

Move on...he's gay


My girlfriend always sleeps with her old cat on the bed and he carries nasty litter to the bed. I've brought this up with her but it doesn't change and so I sleep on the couch.

He's in denial, but he's gay

He's gay

I suspect Miss X's husband may have a porn addiction. It's common for the addict not to desire their partner sexually due to a rewiring of the brain.

Dude is clearly gay

This exact thing happened to my husband and i. I found out a couple years later that it was because he had gained weight. He was so busy with school and work and trying to provide for his new wife, that the stress was too much for him. He did not feel secure enough and used the dog as a scapegoat.

Dog sleeps in our bed, intimacy has dropped incredibly. If spouse ever puts the dog outside, I know why lol now I get all excited whenever the dog goes outside