I work at an assisted living facility and our med tech steals meds and EVERYONE knows but nothing is done. Wtf!

dude got caught wizzing in the paint room at my cabinet shop! STILL EMPLOYED! WTF?

I work for a cleaning company one of the girls is constantly in trouble for the way she cleans. Like not vacuuming floors, dumping straight vinegar or the hardwood floors and being extremely rude to customers and coworkers. Others have gotten fired for the same reason. We think she’s sleeping with the boss!

been at a job 3 months a co worker has missed over half that and on vacation as we speak makes u wonder how she gets away with it.....

I'm a pharmacist and I have a technician who has called in sick 12 times this year already usually on a mon or fri. She hasn't even been written up!!

I work for a retail company and they don't fire anybody you mess up and they move you to the warehouse

There is a guy that works in my same lab but in a different department always looking at porn... People with no limbs and trannys ... He married with two kids and the upper management is well aware of his extra curricular activities .... He's a creep

At my old job I worked with a woman who repeatedly came to work high and/or drunk. She even got drunk while on the clock a few times. The manager put her on a 2 week probation after customers complained for the 8th time then welcomed her back with open arms. She still comes to work high and they don't do anything

My coworker openly admits that she doesn't feel like coming in to work and tells my boss that and gets away with it. She will call and say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I don't feel like interacting with people today, I am overwhelmed with work and don't want to deal with it all. She will come to work and because someone perfume wasn't to her liking she goes home because it's ruined her day

ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY girl was showing up to work intoxed everyone knew and no one said anything

my ex sluffed his government job for two years sitting in his car looking at porn on his phone before he was told to resign or he would be fired

i use to work at a restaurant and this guy had poor hygiene even scratched his balls bare hand in front of the boss and still has a job needless to say i quit and will never eat at that restaurant

I work for the government need u say more. No one gets fired for anything.

Vice principal took video of him and a woman having sex and tape was seen at the jr high by students on accident....still works there