my 9 yr old just achieved his karate black belt this year.

My daughter took her first steps this morning. Proud parent.

My baby pooped in the potty this morning! So proud. Til she tried to play in it.

my daughter wiped her own ass..

I am very proud of my son he started at a car dealership working on the cars as a mechanic in his work his way up to the finance

my 5 year old just started barrel racing and she is awesome!

My 2 1/2 year old has mastered peeing standing up! Go Lucas!

7 year old daughter just started riding a bike. Used training wheels for a week and is off already!

My little 10 year old made the A team for tackle football! Go Alta!! I'm his #1 fan!!!

After being cut from the cheer team last year, our daughter tried out again this year and made it. So proud of her perseverance!!

My 4 yr old and I were discussing shapes and I said I see stars and a moon shape. He said Dad, that shape is a crescent... So proud

my 9 year old son has gotten the math master award at school the past 3 years!

my daughter is just about to graduate with a degree in special education specializing in severe disabilities

my 24 yr old daughter went from $30000 in medical bills and student loans to debt free in 3 years. She made her last payment yesterday

My son got all a's and all honors in 8th grade

2 year old used his BIG BOY bed for the first time last night and didn't leave it all night until I opened his door this morning

my boy is only 2 and he has the best manners and such a caring heart ever! He's so sweet and I'm so proud of him!

proud of my 14 year old daughter. Has her own charity for primary children's hospital!:) and is a 4.1 student

My daughter got promoted again for the second time in 3 months. 3 times in the last year

this is my daughters first year in comp soccer and she took first place in a 3on3 tournament this last weekend. So proud of her growth!

my Son Lochlan was born last july, born just under 1 pound he's now 15 pounds and doing great

My daughter made it to nationals for high school rodeo in pole bending her senior year. Utah only takes the top four

my 5 year old just learned how to do a back flip on a tramp

My daughter got promoted again for the second time in 3 months. 3 times in the last year

my 4 year old scored his 1st soccer goal last week. So proud he broke out of his shell and finally went for it

proud of my hockey son fastest slapshot on his team 70 mph he's 14 years old

my 12 year old hit 7 home runs this baseball season. Last year only 1..!

Daughter just got on a competition soccer team

my six year old daughter just beat Zelda yesterday

proud of my oldest daughter Jen, 31 today. Four beautiful children

My barely 3 year old can do a back bend. Her older sister is in gymnastics and she copies her

My 20 yr old son & his 18 yr old girlfriend saved their money & took a 2 week trip to japan .. Just the two of them ... He wanted to go & did it!!!