my friends used to leave early all the time and say they "had to walk their dog". Now that they have a kid it's, "sorry, we need to get him in bed."

Ugh we had twins 2 months ago and my husband ALWAYS uses the "my wife is having a hard time with the babies, I need to stay home to help her". Drives me nuts

my sister in law uses her kid as an excuse all the time. She'll say I can't say he's sick again that's the one I used last time

there is a girl at my work who has a son who is handicap and she is always using him as an excuse to leave work. She'll say he's sick and she has to leave

my uncle used to always hang out with us and would bring his boys a lot too. Now he's married to a lady who doesn't want to share him with his family So they use his kids and her kids as an excuse to not come over. Last weekend was my grandpa's 75th birthday and they couldn't come because they had the boys. Never been a problem before

my brother in law who lives with me in laws has used the excuse I can't get a job because we can't afford a babysitter. 6 months unemployed

 I have said my child is sick I can't make it to work and play call of duty all day while she's at school

Yesterday someone from my work was fired for lying about her three year old having cancer. The doctor note was a complete fake

I work at a shop and there is three girls there that use it at least two times a week and for the dumbest things to like my kid has a tooth ache.