I caught a last second winning touch down playing against Roy High...in 1991... I'm 40

My husband asked me to send that text about the winning touch down....He tells it ALL the time. Funny thing is it was his ONLY catch

All my guy friends are still hung up on how they ALMOST won the high school football championship in 2008. (They took 2nd).

My ex-husband used to brag about taking state in football and that he was so good in high school with football he played every game come to find out he wasn't on the team

My friend graduated a year early from high school. I swear, anytime someone she doesn't know asks her about herself, her response is always: "I'm ______and I graduated early." IT IS SO ANNOYING.

I know a someone with 2 kids and a 3rd on the way who never stops talking about his high school lacrosse career. He thinks he was the best player ever! But his dad gave him $50 for an assist and $100 for a goal. What's up with that??? Let it go.

My mom always talks about being student body president. And she is always bringing out her lettermans jacket to prove it. Lol:)

My ex from high school still talks about our relationship. In front of his wife and my husband

I still talk about how I beat up the biggest kid/bully in school when I went to Jr. high

I have a coworker who's in her 40's and she always brings up being a cheerleading... Get over it!!

Won the 6th grade spelling bee :)

My brother in law ALWAYS talks about how he was the all-star football player. He's 44. So annoying.......

My dad won the state basketball championship in Montana in 1980. He still has his trophies displayed on his dresser and attempts to wear his jersey during march madness

My step dad was the kicker for Snow College when they won the national championship in 1985 and atill brings it up in common conversation. Get past it dude.

I'm 24 and Sometimes brag to people that my team took the volleyball state championship.

My husband! He's 28. It's all about how amazing he was on every sports team. How he dated the hottest blondes on the drill team. And girls flocked him. I literally want to punch something when I hear "one time me and my buddies. When we were in high school..."

I was a class officer in high school ten years ago. I still bring it up if the opportunity arises

I'll rat myself out. When people talk about high school sports I bring up that I lettered in 7 sports and that I lead the state in blocks and rebounds my senior year

I graduated High School 12 years ago and at times I still throw out that I was Homecoming Queen and was also Class Clown of my entire Senior class

My husband and I often argue about who gets to help our children with homework. He holds on to the fact that he was a Spelling Bee champ in 4th grade. So he's smarter

My almost 50 yr old boss played football in high school but is now overweight and says he is such an athlete. He brings up his high school football career any chance he gets