These are actually Friends of friends. the hubby is fantastic-smart, funny, accent. The wife is a one-upper, cra-cra, lady. It's always a gamble

I just found out I was half the package deal. No 1 liked my husband. He has no filter and says offensive things. I just left him 2wks ago

My brother in law. He's 6'5" 500+ lbs, bi polar, and terribly to my sister in law. No one likes him.

Package deal; Mine has to be my parents, unfortunately. My dad is the overboard jokester. And my mom is pretty chill!

My sister and her husband. I can't stand her husband, but I try to be supportive of my sister. I avoid her husband at all costs though.

I swear you just described my closest friend and her hubby. I always come up with an excuse for us not to hang out with them. It's always girl time!

My wife's brother is awesome, but he married a total idiot. She is so loud and obnoxious and no one in the family can stand her.

my aunt is married to a real douche he demeaning calls women bitches and tried beat up my sister. No one in the family likes him

my sister in law got married to my brother which everybody in our family hates her, but we have to be super nice to her or she won't let us see their kid

everyone loves my husband, not everyone loves me. My husband has lost friends bc of me. My problem-I speak my mind. I don't bite my tongue that much

My brother-in-law is an attractive, cool guy. He married this chick right off his mission and she is ugly, not fun, and super negative. We ALL struggle

I can't stand my best friend's boyfriend; he is a whiney little crybaby, and makes everyone miserable

 my absolute best friend's husband SUCKS! He is a jerk to my friend and everyone around him! My husband can't stand him but pretends to like him

I have a cousin that's always mean to her husband infront of our family calls him stupid idiot. Etc. She's very insecure so she crys all the time

friends wife is a lush. At my wedding she was drinking and taking pics with everyone else's husband.

Our friend circle has a couple that everyone loves loves the wife she's so sweet but husband is a raging alcoholic acts like a idiot hits on everyone

I've been with my husband for six years. We have a child together and all my friends and family hate him. It makes things really difficult for me.

So my friend is with my brother in law and I hate hate hate my brother in law!!! There is no escaping him!!!!