I'm full German tall blonde haired and blue eyed

they say black guys have... Well u can use ur imagination... My wife says I definitely do.

Im redheaded and every guy i have dated I have basically ruined. I am pretty sure I don't have a soul. Stereotype dominated!

I'm Sicilian and man do I have a temper and I can't talk without using my hands.

 I am a hick. Totally fall into the stereo type, I used to ride bulls I have land horses whole bit

 I have Irish blood. Yes, I like whiskey.

I'm Polynesian and the stereotype of eating a lot, I can eat my own and the leftovers of all my friends and still be hungry

I live up to my stereotype - I love chicken and always run on black people time, AKA I'm always late to everything

Stereotypes they say white men can't jump I can't 6' 4" still can't dunk

I am Hispanic and I live to a stereotype that every Hispanic has a rosemary hanging from their rear view mirror

I'm Mexican and I love tequila. I can drink that stuff like water.

I'm an English teacher and I fix peoples spelling whenever I have the chance, friends, family, strangers, doesn't matter!

This white girl CANT dance!

I'm a divorcee with a new boob job!

I'm Asian and I'm cheap as hell

 I'm Gay and I queen out to every Cher, Gaga, and Celine song.

I'm Mexican, and yes I mow lawns

23 year old lesbian: vegan. Tattooed. Shaved sides of heads

I am a cop, and I F-ing LOVE doughnuts!

my ex is from India and worked at 7 - Eleven. Hahaha!

i look white trash and i totally am. I've had up to 4 cars at my house that didn't run and have a truck bench seat in my porch.