I just throw fruit out the window but it's biodegradable

My boyfriend refuses to leave trash in his car. Full on bags of food or full soda drinks out the window. Pisses me off!

I'm guilty of throwing my straw wrappers out the window. I'm ashamed now

My ex used to throw out his fast food garbage. Bag, wrappers, cup, everything

my neighbor was driving down the road and blatantly through a mcdonald's bag on the road

I was recently in jersey and saw it a dozen times in a few days. People full on throwing mcdonals bags full of wrappers out the window on the freeway

I throw trash and cans out of my car window all the time

wow I thought the exact same thing just yesterday I saw someone throw a granola bar wrapper out and I was like wtf!!!!!!!
Riddle me this . . . I smoke. Is it littering for throwing cigarette butts out the window???

is it considered littering to throw Apple cores and banana peels out? I throw them out on road trips and my kids scream "mommy that is bad!" every time.

my ex boyfriend who is a redneck would litter all the time and I always said something even gum wrappers!

my husband litters. Says he is providing the criminals with work...community service, picking up trash

wives sister throws food out window all the time. Once she threw a sandwich and it stuck to the side of the car and smeared mustard down the whole side

I sometimes throw fruit out of my window if I am finished with it. I figure that it won't hurt anything.

guy who drove Kim Kardashian around said she to her ice cream cone out the window

my husband got a ticket for throwing out an apple core biodegradable or not illegal it was a hard lesson learned!