I had a friend who posted things on instagram and FB the entire time she was on her honeymoon

My mom posted on fb she was leaving and we came back from our trip and the house was broken into and destroyed

Uncle came to visit for a month told his neighbor he would be gone came home to a completely empty house....

My sister came to visit us from Oklahoma, when they got back their motorcycles and thousands of dollars of equipment was stolen

My boyfriends cousin posted they were going out if town right before Christmas. When they came back their place had been robbed: presents gone, electronics, TV, and they had killed their dog. : /

my parents in law post to FB & IG all the time about their MANY vacations, also post about their nice new house they've remodeled to the tune of almost $1M I'm surprised they haven't gotten burglarized yet!!

had a friend post on Facebook she was on vacation and two things happened: she was fired from her job ( she called in sick to go on vacation) and her husbands car was stolen out of the garage

Just got back from Vegas posted that we were there my 16 niece broke in & through a house party with 30+ kids ... Eat all my food & stole my clothes, jewelry

My niece posted pictures on Facebook when she went to volunteer with the SANDY devastation clean up. While she was gone helping others her apartment was robbed and came home to not even a car full if her stuff left. The cops said they had made several trips

My friend posted about her cruise and someone we went to high school with broke in and stole some things. They did catch the kid cause they had cameras--Freaky how well we knew this kid